The more I get into coaching soccer, the more I continue to learn more about the great game of soccer!

Inconsistent quality of decisions.

Inconsistent quality of executions.

Decisions: For many of…

OBJECTIVE: Have the most talented soccer team in the program on the pitch for each game during the season who are the most healthy and fit, mentally and physically.

Layout of the Weeks

Session Types

Execution (Monday)

— develop defensive vocabulary; field during the activity was too small; will need to make grid bigger for decision making (tactical) days.

Tactical (Tuesday / Wednesday)

— larger space was super helpful for the boys; players are recognizing that they don’t have to run so much and can still be effective;

Conditioning (Thursday)

— 2 games of 13:00 with 2:00 rest; effort good but room for improvement; must improve transitional moments individually and as a team.

Recovery (Friday)

— recognized that the boys seemed tired mentally/physically, so really wanted to run a very easy recovery session; did a very thorough warm-up and then played a game of kickball. So good for the team socially, mentally, and physically.

Tuesday — Technical focus (9v9 on smaller pitch): stress team communication; individual position, moment, direction, speed.

Observations: communication is an issue; understanding communication such as “man on” = pass ball back (one touch) then look to play a forward pass (principle of play).

Wednesday — Tactical focus(9v9 on smaller pitch): scenarios, question (what options are available? what if this happens, then what? etc.)

Observations:backline must look to play vertical (very robotic at times and play laterally without…

Thank you to Russell Lewis @cincysc, Brian Shrum @shrummy11, Courey Feerer, Colton Bly @coltonbly, Anthony Carson @carson003, and Cory Reinard @creinard8 for joining the Coaches Corner Chat #2!

Developing Leadership

The next part of the journey!

Kieron Boyle

Head Coach Middletown High School Boys Soccer— 1on1withKieron Individual Player Training —Twitter: @coach_boyle — — 513.267.261

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