Deep Dive Into Player Weaknesses

Kieron Boyle
1 min readOct 23, 2021


The more I get into coaching soccer, the more I continue to learn more about the great game of soccer!

I have spent a lot of time focusing on Periodization. That has led me to focusing on Player Load (physical, emotional, cognitive).

With the season over now, I am doing a deep dive into my program’s player weaknesses:

Inconsistent quality of decisions.

Inconsistent quality of executions.

Decisions: For many of my players, the games/competition is the highest level they have faced in their soccer journeys! So now my challenge is the create more opportunities that are a higher level!

Executions: A number of times the breakdowns in executions were due to not recognizing positions, moments, direction, and speed of executions. But others I feel are issues with player body position/mobility/flexibility… strength?

Instability when standing on one foot to receive a pass from a teammate. The lack of standing on one leg and picking the opposite foot off the ground to receive the ball.

Inability to open up the hips to make a completed pass to a teammate.

Inability to move left or right quickly when a pass is off target.

Inability to successfully turn the hips and cross a ball into the box.

Tendency to collapse down on the plant leg when taking a shot or making a long pass thus losing any drive through the ball.

Inability to open up the hips to receive a pass and change the point of attack.

Now … now I turn my focus to finding solutions.



Kieron Boyle

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