Summer Soccer Training Periodization (Cycle 1 Intro Week+Cycle 1 Week 1-Week 6)

OBJECTIVE: Have the most talented soccer team in the program on the pitch for each game during the season who are the most healthy and fit, mentally and physically.

Kieron Boyle
3 min readJul 17, 2021

Layout of the Weeks

Intro Week: I AM MiddiesSoccer / Zero Point Day

Weeks 1–2: 11v11–8v8 / Extensive Endurance Training

Weeks 3–4: 7v7–5v5 / Intensive Endurance Training

Weeks 5–6: 4v4–1v1 / Extensive Endurance Training

Session Types

Football Technical → Execution: Position — Moment — Direction — Speed

Football Tactical → Game Insight — Decision Making (Lots of Questions! Problem Solving! Communication)

Football Conditioning → Conditioning — overload session

Football Recovery — 50% Rule (based on conditioning)

Strength Session — strength, body movement

My Takeaways as a Coach

— 90 minute sessions except strength: 45 minute; but the actual main activity varies depending on the type of session and the focus for the session, which allows for longer warm ups / cool downs when deemed necessary. (remember the objective)

— communication with players has to be a daily occurrence; check in to evaluate player mental, emotional, and physical well-being (remember the objective)

— don’t be afraid to let players take days off (remember the objective)

— in a typical HS game of 80 minutes, the actual game play is approximately 55–56 minutes. So, approximately 27–28 minutes per half is actual game play. The soccer fitness goal for my players = consistent high rate of communication, execution, and decision making for 27–28 minutes per half; and approximately 55 minutes per game. (remember the objective)

— Preseason periodization will last another 3 weeks; 2 weeks of preseason and the first week of official practices in August. Once scrimmages/games begin the periodization schedule will be realigned. (remember the objective)

Weekly Screenshots / Notes

(C1 Intro+C1 W1-W6)

Intro Week
Cycle 1 Week 1
Cycle 1 Week 2
Cycle 1 Week 3
Cycle 1 Week 4
Cycle 1 Week 5
Cycle 1 Week 6
Cycle 1 Week 6 Notes



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