Training Load → Stress

  1. Plan training sessions and lifting/conditioning sessions purposefully. One cannot run a high intensity training session on the pitch, and then walk into the gym and begin lifting weights. The load on the pitch plus the gym will lead to increased levels of stress on the body.
  2. Player Mindset is super important. Have you ever thought your team looks sluggish and slow? It may not be physical stress as much as mental stress. Tough test in class during the day or thinking about game scenarios over and over during the day can lead to lessened mental capacity.

Recognizing Stress

Key Points in Identifying Stress

  • Stress is a physical and emotional response to a situation. The situation may be positive, like a new baby or a job promotion. Or it can be negative, like a traffic jam or a fight with your teenager. Your body actually doesn’t know the difference, it just knows that something is happening and it should get ready to respond.
  • When the body perceives stress, it responds by sending out a flood of hormones. These hormones prepare the body to do what is required to adapt and survive.
  • Acute stress comes from brief situations like being stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Chronic stress comes from situations that do not have a quick resolution and may last months or years. Examples of chronic stress are unemployment or caregiving for a disabled loved one.
  • When the body experiences too much stress or it lasts too long without time to rest and restore, our health may suffer. Health affects linked to stress include risk of insomnia, digestive complaints, depression, heart disease, and other conditions.
  • We each respond to stress differently. Some may clench their teeth, others will yell and others may withdraw. It’s important to recognize how you respond so you can identify when you’re stressed as early as possible.

Monitoring Team Stress Levels




Head Coach Middletown High School Boys Soccer— 1on1withKieron Individual Player Training —Twitter: @coach_boyle — — 513.267.261

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Kieron Boyle

Kieron Boyle

Head Coach Middletown High School Boys Soccer— 1on1withKieron Individual Player Training —Twitter: @coach_boyle — — 513.267.261

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